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DOUG (Domain Decomposition on Unstructured Grids)

last modified Mar 30, 2011 11:35 AM

Project description

  • DOUG (Domain Decomposition on Unstructured Grids)


The project web-page:


Some current themes connected with DOUG are the following:

  1. Documentation and writing an article on recent achievements on DOUG package
    • (The paper is submitted now...)
    • The User Guide is on way, (based on this we will start a paper)
      - Description of aggregation method to be added to UG (eero)
    • Some novel ideas we could stress in our paper(s):
      - the nonblocking all-to-all communication and solving the coarse problem by all processes
      - rough aggregation using a random field for splitting matrices with high jumps in the coefficient
      - our automatic testing environment
      - DOUG as a web-service written by Chris
      - Benchmarking DOUG on Cloud
  2. We are currently looking for some real applications/collaboration, where DOUG could be useful component as a sparse linear system solver.
    • Hopefully this would lead to some scientific collaboration/project ideas for the future
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