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Modules package

It is now possible to use Modules package on the kuu cluster. Modules is used to (re)set environment variables (PATH,MANPATH,LD_LIBRARY_PATH) for different versions of MPI and other programs.

module list
  # shows list of loaded modules
module avail
  # shows list if available modules
module avail mpi
  # shows list of available mpi submodules
module avail doug
  # shows list of available doug modules (configurations)
module show mpi/lam-7.1.2-ifort64
  # shows information about module

module load mpi/lam-7.1.2-ifort64
  # loads module, i.e. (re)sets environment variables
module unload mpi
  # unloads all loaded mpi (sub)modules

Modules may require or automatically load other modules or specific submodules. The system is not perfect but .e.g now to compile DOUG you only need to write

module load doug/doug-lam-7.1.2-ifort64
./configure --disable-shared

Some of conf files for modules are in /usr/local/mpi/modulefiles if you
are interested. I'll try to update them as possible, but you can always
create personal in your home directory.

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