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Applied Computer Vision

last modified Sep 06, 2013 12:30 AM

Seminar topics related to usage of latest research results in the area of Computer Vision

Individual topics

Please contact me in case you are interested in applying CV, below I put the samples we tried in our lab:

Structure From Motion (3D Reconstruction from Monocular Image Sequence)

Current state of the art is that using SIFT (David Lowe) and PMVS (Furukawa) algorithms it is possible to reconstruct 3D environment of the scene from sequence of images illustrating the same scene. The process is computationally intensive, hence the question can we parallelize it?

1. Source Sequence of Images illustrating the scene [ Watch ] [ Download ]

20123DLab003 20123DLab002 20123DLab001 

2. Result 3D Rendering of the reconstructed scene [ Watch ] [ Download ]

 Result 3D Rendering Snapshot


Numeric OCR

Extracting the numbers out of the images taken by phone camera. It is possible to the same for video :)

<Samples will be added here>

Sudoku Solver

Solving Sudoku table by just taking a picture of it. It is also possible to adapt this for video stream.

<Samples will be added here>

Robot Detection

Robot in-field navigation system. Webcam constantly observes the game field and OpenCV locates the robots. Further the robots are instructed about exact position in game field. Question: can we classify different robots ?

<Samples will be added here>

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